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Wazifa to get twins

With so much emphasis and conditioning, it’s natural every married woman craves becoming a mother. If you have gotten married recently and ready to become a mother, you may have your desires. If you want to bear a twin child, you can use the Islamic wazifa for twins boy.
Discuss your desires with your husband. It is essential both partners are emotionally convinced with the decision to have a twin. It doesn’t matter who thinks of it first, but both must will for a twin child. Once decided both partners will have to do dua for the twin child. As a wife and expecting mother, you can use the Islamic wazifa for twins boy. And your husband must take part in it as required.
A woman’s womb is sensitive and receptive. The child inside the womb can sense all the events in the mother’s life. It is therefore essential that a mother; you are happy and cheerful. You must also refrain from any negative thoughts. You must also stay away from negative people during this time.
Also find out a mother in your community, who has a twin child. The more time you spend with her and her children, the better. This will align your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with that of your partner. With that accumulated energy within, if you do the Islamic wazifa for twins boy, you too will be blessed.
However, as partners, you both must realize, Allah grants wishes in his way. At times, we cannot see or understand Allah’s way. Allah, however, gives what is most deserved and needed. Even if you do not appreciate Allah’s gift, be thankful for it. And soon you will realize what Allah has given up on you whether you have an identical twin or a regular twin.
Whether the twins are boys or girls, either way, it’s a gift from Allah. It is your reward from being on Allah’s path. Do not be rigid about what you have asked and accept what Allah has given with love. For he has a specific plan for each of the children. And he drives us on the path of fulfillment, eventually.

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