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Wazifa to get pregnant

Darood Taj Wazifa For Pregnant
Sometimes Darood-E-Taj works good if you take the help of an Imam. If he recites the same and made a talisman than you can be lucky. Wear the talisman and recite the Darood-E-Taj for 7 days in the morning. You can get good result. There are other ways to use the same phrase.
Try the recitation for 11 nights consistently and then give a gap of two days. Next try again for 11 days while doing the regular prayer. This is a strong wazifa and you will get pregnant soon. There are both arabic and urdu version of the same.
As this is a strong wazifa you should consult the religious institution before trying the same. Moreover, the imam can determine your specific lucky time for recitation. So, do not hesitate and meet the nearest imam.
Apart from these, there is another strong wazifa. This can be called as a special dua too. The dua is popular as Ayat-E-Karima. Usually, the process takes three days to complete. Therefore, it is popular as the amal for three days. The Ayat-E-Karima is called the all purpose dua and it helps any people with difficulty.
Ayat E Karima To Get Pregnant
You should recite the same for 125000 times with faith on god almighty. Many women was pregnant after hearing the recitation. There are legends which confirms the stories of pregnant women. You should remember the Surah Al-Anbiya verse 87 and 88 while reciting the same.
It will keep your faith intact until you complete the process. Considering Kalima as the best Zikar for Allah you must seek forgiveness. So firstly recite the Inni Kuntu and then try the ayat.
You can do the ayat with or without wudu. This is the speciality of this wazifa. You can do it anytime anywhere. However, you should follow the convention and try the same after wuzu.
Put some water near you and dip the tasbeeh repeatedly while doing the recitation. The tasbeeh should be made of 100 beads as it helps to make the prayer stronger. After the 125000 times of recitation you may get signal in your dream.
Sometimes you can feel the hope coming back with this ayat. So, do not stop until you reach your target time for recitation. This ayat will give you beautiful children. It is the ultimate wazifa to get pregnant soon

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